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  • Proceed to Part 1: Introduction, and How to say "night."
  • Proceed to Part 2: Immortal adjectives.
  • Proceed to Part 3: Death, houses, and translation practice.
  • Proceed to Part 4: Wherein we think about how to say "vampire."
  • Proceed to Part 4a: Wherein we think about how NOT to say, e.g., "The Path of Warding."
  • Proceed to Part 5: Which is just a sort of review and vocabulary list (in progress).
  • Proceed to Part 6: Useful phrases for a variety of RPG situations (NEW 4/2/11).

  • In Progress: WoD 2.0 Latin

  • Blog: Every now and then I write new stuff.
  • Old blog: My old livejournal, including "Baby Got Back" in Latin

  • Et cetera
  • Contact: praefectus [at] latinforgamers [dot] net